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InuYasha Inu no Taisho White & Black Cosplya Boots Customize in you size

  • Model: LK-B001646

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InuYasha Inu no Taisho White & Black Cosplya Boots Customize in you size

Category: Cosplay Shoes
Anime/Video Games: InuYasha
Material: Artificial Leather
Color: Picture color The Inu no Taisho was a powerful Inu daiyokai who was known throughout feudal Japan. He fathered two sons, the second of which was the hanyo Inuyasha from the human woman Izayoi.
The boots are made for cosplay show mainly, not durable enough for frequently daily usage.

Custom shoes need provide the following information:

1.Ankle Circumference
2.Calf Circumference
3.Length of the lower leg
4.Foot Length

Measure Method

This product is made by hand.
Processing time:6-10 Days.
Standard Shipment: 15-20 days,Expedited Shipment: 3-7 days.
Our cosplay costumes come from high level quality fabric, we have strict selection rule for our fabric suppliers. And we have experienced workers who have been in this cosplay field for more than 5 years. We double check the product before shipping it out, Our aim is making all of our customers rest assured. If you have any questions, please contact us!

This InuYasha Inu no Taisho White & Black Cosplya Boots Customize in you size From Category: Cosplay Shoes
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